Choose one of my delicious menus to give your guests the best dining experience!

The price per person includes that I will cook the food at your place, serve it to you and your guests and do the dishes.

Menu Gourmand


Goat cheese pie with spinach, ricotta and thyme

Main course

Herb-marinated beef with salad in dijon mustard vinaigrette, potatoes and pepper sauce


Variety of white and dark brownie with fresh whipped cream, salted caramel and berries

425 kr per person (incl. VAT) for min. 6

Mediterranean Summer


Homemade linguine with parmesan crème and grilled cherry tomatoes

Main course

Salmon en papillote with green asparagus, hollandaise sauce and roasted potatoes


Chocolate mousse with fresh berries

435 kr per person (incl. VAT) for min. 6

Summer Menu


Grilled bread with gammel knas cheese, confit chanterelles and pickled gooseberries

Main course

Beef tenderloin with fennel salad, pickled red onions, béarnaise and potatoes


White chocolate mousse on hazelnut crunch

475 kr per person (incl. VAT) for min. 6

5 Course Deluxe Menu

A deliciously tasteful menu to spoil your guests and yourself !


Fresh gazpacho soup with crispy parma ham, or
Panzanella salad with balsamico vinaigrette

Second course

Poached cod with parsley on pea cream and cassava chips, or
Garlic marinated tiger prawns with arugula salad and lime vinaigrette

Palate cleanser

Champagne granité, or
Lemon and mint sorbet

Main course

Beef fillet with pommes anna, grilled cabbage and bearnaise sauce, or
Cockerel à la provençale with thyme potatoes, baby broccoli and romesco sauce


Variety of verinnes and petits four

650 kr per person (incl. VAT) for min. 4

I also give the opportunity to have a 3 course version of this menu at a lower price.

Caribbean Finger Food

This exotic menu will bring you and your guests to the Caribbean islands with typical ingredients such as green and yellow plantain, cassava and shrimp, that are part of our food culture. The main course is served on the table as share food! 🙂

Main course

Canasta de plátano con guacamole
Deep fried green plantains with guacamole

Yuca brava con salsa y aioli
Cassava brava with homemade salsa and aioli

Pastelón de plátano maduro con carne molida
Gratinated yellow plantains with beef

Ensalada de repollo verde y morado
Cabbage salad with lemon vinaigrette

Camarones al ajillo
Garlic marinated shrimps


Helado de mango y maracuya
Sorbet of mango and passion with meringue and passionfruit coulis

425 kr per person (incl. VAT) for min. 6

La Bandera Dominicana

La bandera dominicana means the Dominican flag in Spanish. It is the name of the most traditional Dominican meal we eat almost every day in the Dominican Republic. It always consists of rice, a meat stew with parsley, oregano, tomato sauce and beans.

Main course

Carne de res guisada
Beef stew with parsley, oregano and tomato sauce

Arroz blanco
Jasmin rice

Habichuelas guisada
Beans stew

Ensalada de repollo con zanahorias encurtidas
Cabbage salad with pickled carrot

Arepitas de yuca
Homemade cassava rosti

Tostones de platanos
Fried plantain


Piña con crema batida y coco
Pineapple trifili with coconut crunch

395 kr per person (incl. VAT) for min. 6

Fish Menu


Salmon tartare with avocado cream and rye bread chips

Main course

Oven baked cod with homemade pesto crumble, potatoes, asparagus and white wine sauce.


Mazarin layer with crème anglaise and fresh berries

450 kr per person (incl. VAT) for min. 6

Vegan Menu


Grilled broccoli with pepper hummus, italian croutons and pickled carrots

Main course

Lemon marinated cabbage salad with grilled nuts, sweet potatoes chips, pickled onions and balsamic cream, or
Caramelized cabbage on cauliflower purée with toasted almonds, lemon and herbs and potatoes


Chocolate and raspberry mousse

375 kr per person (incl. VAT) for min. 6

Menus for groups of min. 15

Brunch Buffet

Scrambled eggs with bacon and chives, 
Brunch Sausages 
Salad with grapefruit vinaigrette

Fresh Fruits 
Yoghurt with homemade granola and sirup 
Mini brownie 
Homemade raspberry marmelade

Selection of cheeses, sausage and ham
Homemade rye bread and French bread with butter

250 kr per person (incl. VAT) for min. 15 people

Brunch Buffet with a Spanish twist

This menu includes the dishes from my brunch buffet menu and the following Spanish tapas

Tortilla de patata
Croquetas de jamon serrano
Queso manchego
Patatas bravas con alioli

350 kr per person (incl. VAT) for min. 15 people

I also offer many different supplements that can be added to my menus!

Contact me if you wish to make changes to your menu of choice or if you wish something different than what I propose! 🙂

I provide alternatives to guests with other diets (vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free, etc.) at no extra cost.

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